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Minimally invasive rejuvenation of the face:

compressive microvibration and integrated methodologies

Pier Antonio Bacci - Italy


Facial rejuvenation strategies follow the indications given by the musclecutaneous ptosis, skin trophysm and quality of fatty tissue: to this goal we have several surgical strategies, more or less invasive, and medical or dermocosmetic methodologies. All are useful especially in integrated treatments, depending on the indications.

Compressive microvibration consists of a series of rapid vibratory movements transmitted to the tissues with a succession of "pressure and vibrations", the mechanical oscillations of defined amplitude and frequency (studied on the resistance of the tissue), act in the skin, in subcutaneous, in adipose tissue and in muscular structure.

The vibrations are obtained by means of a special "honeycomb" arrangement of the 55 soft silicone microspheres rotating around themselves and causing a pulsed and rhythmic movement with different activities.

An our observational study using “EVA microvibration therapy” has shown interesting results in the correction of skin aging’s signs, demonstrating his action in reduction of wrinkles for superficial dermoepidermal microscrubbing, increasing skin brightness and reducing pigmentation for improvement of the interstitial matrix’s oxygenation.

In association to this not invasive methodologie for skin aging we can use, with good results and very little complications, interesting integrated methodologies, as Endo Laser Lift, using a150 microns endolaser microfibra to realize a net of energy into the tissues, and different absorbable Tractions Threads to reposition face tissues in their best morphofunctional position.

This integrated strategy provides us for an interesting and progressive rejuvenation of all tissues, following the rules of regenerative medicine.


Pier Antonio Bacci is past contract professor in Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Siena, actually he is lecturer in Masters of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome and Barcelona University, and teacher in the Master of Regenerative Medicine  and Surgery at the Catholic University in Campobasso. He is considered International Opinion Leader in minimally invasive aesthetic cosmetic surgery as soon as expert in phlebolymphology and in treatments for cellulite and lipoedema. He is national councilor of SIMCRI, Italian Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery.

Centro Flebologia e Patologie Estetiche
prof. Pier Antonio Bacci - Arezzo Italy - tel. +39.0575355998 - fax: +39.0575.370666

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