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The demand curves are drawn in blue and green for A and B respectively. Note that A calls for nothing at costs above Rs. 3 so his demand curve coincides with the vertical axis. Michael Grossman’s 1972 model of health production has been extraordinarily influential in this field of research and has a number of distinctive parts that make it notable. Grossman’s model views every individual as both a producer and a shopper of well being.


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  • Therefore, the demand for an organization’s product is of no importance.
  • For example, the demand for raw material is directly related to the demand for the final product.
  • For instance, the aggregate demands of passenger cars from manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc. are considered as industry demand.
  • For instance, cars and petrol, butter and bread, milk and sugar are the commodities which are used together.

It refers to the demand for two or more goods/services, which is either consumed jointly or demanded together. For instance, cars and petrol, butter and bread, milk and sugar are the commodities which are used together. In case of joint demand, an increase in the price of one good or service leads to a fall in the demand for the other and vice-versa.

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The can be explained with the help of a demand schedule and a corresponding demand curve. It is assumed that other determinants of demand are constant and ONLY PRICE IS THE VARIABLE AND INFLUENCING FACTOR. The demand of certain goods is determined by ‘bandwagon effect’or ‘demonstration effect’.


The demand for consumer’s goods depends on household’s income and for producer’s goods varies with the production level among other things. The Law of Demand expresses the nature of functional relationship between the price of a commodity and its quantity demanded. It simply states that demand varies inversely to the changes in price i.e. demand for a commodity expands when price falls and contracts when price rises. Demand Curve The demand operate specifies the relation between the quantity demanded and all factors that decide demand. But the demand curve expresses the relation between the price of a product and the quantity demanded, holding fixed all the other factors affecting demand.

A seminal 1963 article by Kenneth Arrow is usually credited with giving rise to well being economics as a discipline. His principle drew conceptual distinctions between health and other goods. Demand factor or demand definition is a vital and fundamental concept in Economics and forms the foundation for assimilation of further topics. Students who want to read more such chapters of economics and commerce can visit the official website of Vedantu.

What is an example of a derived demand?

For instance, demand for steel, bricks, cement, stones, wood, etc. is a derived demand, these are derived from the demand for house and other buildings. The demand for these goods arises because of the demand for houses and other buildings. Similarly, goods may be very useful, but if they are freely available in an unlimited amount, they cannot command a price. For example, air is very useful to us, but it is not scarce and hence it cannot command a price.

Which of the following is the best example of derived demand?

d) An increase in demand for movie tickets causes an increase in the demand for movie theatre workers. This is the best answer because derived demand generally refers to the demand for a factor of production rather than another good.

If the price of Scooters falls, its demand will increase leading to increase in demand for petrol. It means that a rise in price of a commodity brings about fall in its demand and vice versa. The nature of relationship between demand and is determinants. In ordinary speech, the term demand is many times confused with ‘desire’ or ‘want’. 8.This is because at peak times there is a large demand for trains, since people want to go home ( i . e ., a derived demand ).


Equilibrium is struck a point Ewhere the demand and supply curve intersect each other. Other things being equal, the demand for a commodity is inversely related with its price. Utility in economics refers to satisfation, more elaborately “want satisfying capacity of a good”. Demand Demand is the amount of fine and companies that prospects are prepared and in a position to purchase throughout a specified period underneath a given set of economic conditions. The period here could possibly be an hour, a day, a month, or a yr.

What is the opposite of derived demand?

Composite demand is where goods have more than one use. An increase in the demand for one product leads to a fall in supply of the other. An example is milk which can be used for cheese, yoghurts, cream, butter and other products including fertilizer.

It refers to the eagerness of an individual to purchase a definite quantity at a particular level of income. The demand of a commodity that originates due to demand of some other commodity is known as derived demand. Efiling Income Tax Returns is made easy with ClearTax platform. Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online. You can efile income tax return on your income from salary, house property, capital gains, business & profession and income from other sources. Further you can also file TDS returns, generate Form-16, use our Tax Calculator software, claim HRA, check refund status and generate rent receipts for Income Tax Filing.

Derived Demand and Autonomous Demand:

Figure 3 illustrates the state of affairs of a metropolis considering a living wage regulation. For simplicity, we assume that there isn’t any federal minimal wage. The wage seems on the vertical axis, as a result of the wage is the value within the labor market. Before the passage of the living wage regulation, the equilibrium wage is $10 per hour and the city hires 1,200 employees at this wage. Derived demand is an economic term describing the demand for a good/service resulting from the demand for an intermediate or related good/service.

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Moody’s assigns Aa3 to Florida International University’s Series ….

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Products like steel, leather, coal, paper and factors of production like land, labour, capital are example of such goods. E.g., coal is demanded by factories, railways and household uses. B calls for some amount at these costs but nothing at Rs. 6. At costs below and equal to Rs. three, both shoppers demand the good . In economics, ‘demand’ refers back to the amount of a good or service that consumers are keen and capable of purchase at a given worth. Different from what customers want to purchase, demand explains what they’re truly able to purchase.

Law of Demand & Elasticity of Demand

When price of a commodity falls, the purchasing power (i.e. the real income) of the consumer increases. According to this law, other things being equal as we consume a commodity, the marginal utility derived from its successive units go on falling. Hence, the consumer purchases more units only at a lower price. A demand curve is a graphical representation of a demand schedule or demand function. A demand curve for any commodity can be drawn by plotting each combination of price and demand on a graph. If consumers expect rise in the price of a commodity in near future, the current demand for the commodity will increase and vice versa.

Why is it called a derived demand for labor?

The firm's demand for labor is a derived demand; it is derived from the demand for the firm's output. If demand for the firm's output increases, the firm will demand more labor and will hire more workers.

Thus as the consumers income rise more of each of these three kinds of goods is consumed but the proportion of the consumption budgets differ. There are large number of goods and services available in every economy. Their classification is important in order to carry out a demand analysis for managerial decisions.

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Typically, durable goods are regarded here, but it depends on some other factors such as change of technology, availability of substitutes, etc. Organisations consider these two factors before designing a new product. The law of demand represents a functional relationship between the price and quantity demanded of a commodity or service other things remaining constant. With an increase in income, the demand curve shifts to the right. With this demand curve shifts to the right, the quantity demanded increases for all prices. In most cases, an increase in income shifts the demand curve to the right.

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Assertion – derived demand refers to in demand refers rise in quantity demanded due to favourable changes in other factors and price remains constant. A market is a place where buyers and sellers meet each other through various modes for buying and selling of goods or services. Further, the market is governed by two important forces of demand and supply. These forces help in determining the price of the product and service and market share. The market mechanism always works towards bringing equilibrium in the market. In the section one we will discuss about the demand and its determinants and the Law of Demand.


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Siamo un organo collegiale, che riunisce i migliori medici e professionisti del settore Medico Rigenerativo e da sempre sosteniamo la ricerca scientifica d’eccellenza promuovendo una corretta informazione sui temi della salute.